Sherman House Updates

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  A few weeks back, I posted about a new fixer upper project named Sherman – here’s the post if you missed it. If you’re a frequent reader then you’re probably wondering “sooo what happened with Sherman?” Well, a lot of non-sexy foundation work is what’s happenin.’ It’s been about a six week process replacing […]

DIY Pendant Light (No Electrician Required)

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I’ve realized as I get older, I find abnormal amounts of joy in the little things like all new hangers or when one of my plants sprouts a new leaf. I find it really wonderful that such minute details bring me so much happiness and slightly terrifying that maybe I am becoming a hermit. Our […]

Retail Therapy SF: Thread Lounge

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Today I’m talking about an around-the-world experience in San Francisco’s mission district called Thread Lounge. I stumbled upon Thread Lounge on my way to Dandelion Chocolate for a decadent chocolate-y treat – a chocolate peanut butter tart if we are getting specific. It was delicious. I am beginning to notice a trend that I discover some […]

Area Rugs Under $200

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Area rugs are up there with throw pillows when it comes to easiest ways to transform a space. No matter what your style, adding an area rug can add texture, interest, and warmth to any room. A good rug can completely transform a space making area rugs some of my favorite decor weapons for rentals […]

Easy Custom Framing Using Framebridge

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What if there was a way to frame your most treasured photos, instagrams and art prints, without spending a million dollars and be weirdly stressed out? Framebridge is my answer. These guys made framing a few of my favorite instagram photos from my recent trip to Mexico so easy and dare I say…fun. It’s one […]