Look for Less: The Bertoia Diamond Chair


Now that we are able to actually live in our house, I am working on filling it up with pieces to make things a little more functional. You know, like a sofa. We still have a lonnggg way to go but slowly things are coming together. Since we got rid of pretty much every item of furniture from our old apartment, I am trying to be conscious about the new pieces that we buy for our home and make sure that they are things we both love and are functional for our lives.

When it comes to our relatively small living room, we are presented with the challenge of finding comfy pieces that seat a fair amount of people and don’t crowd the entire space. We had just enough room to squeeze in an accent chair on one side of the coffee table, but since there isn’t a ton of space I didn’t want it to feel boxy or obtrusive. I also wanted something that was wide enough to curl up in and not “upright dining chair-ish” and more “lean back and stay for a while”.

Enter the Bertoia Diamond Chair which adds the perfect modern touch to a space with its sleek and non-obtrusive design – I was convinced this was THE CHAIR we needed. I would first like to say that if you can afford an original (around $1200 from Design Within Reach) it is absolutely worth the investment – the quality is amazing, customization options are endless and the design is relatively timeless in my opinion. BUT since we are on a pretty tight budget after pouring way too much money into our house, I did some searching for a replica and was pleased to find some great alternatives. Not only do these other options look very similar in style to a Bertoia, the quality is good for the significantly lower price tags. I ended up purchasing the option below which I found on Amazon for $150 (click the plus sign on the image to shop).

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I was obviously a little hesitant of it looking super cheap but I have to say I am extremely happy with the quality and would recommend to anyone that is looking for a less expensive version of a Bertoia Diamond Chair. To add some extra comfort and coziness, I am on the prowl for the perfect sheepskin rug/throw to toss on top. I’ve included some of my other Diamond Chair finds as well as a few of my favorite sheepskins that would look great with them for you all below! Hope everyone has a great weekend!


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