My New Favorite Ritual


I’ve never really considered myself a “bath” person. It might be because all of my previous homes in the last 10 years either didn’t have a bathtub or the bathtub was just not a place I wanted to lay for an extended period of time. However, since we’ve moved into our new house, I’ve been all about bath time because that brand spanking new tub isn’t going to use itself and all of those Tone It Up workouts have turned me into a sore blob (hopefully a more toned sore blob). I am finding very quickly that bath time is becoming my new favorite form of “me time” and it’s made even better with some bath salts (from Urb Apothocary), a good candle and a podcast or some tunes.

I recently partnered with GROHE to try out their new Aquatunes waterproof shower speakerand I must say, it’s pretty awesome and has become a part of my regular bath/shower routine. The speaker connects to my phone through Bluetooth so I can play music or listen to one of the five million podcasts I have saved while I’m taking a bath, in the shower or getting ready in the bathroom.


The hole on the base of the speaker allows you to attach it to your shower hose but I prefer to just have it freestanding since I like to use it in the shower in the morning and then move it to the other bathroom with the tub for bath time. I feel like a five year old calling it bath time but it just sounds so fun calling it that. I also love that I can skip songs or podcasts and adjust the volume from the speaker so there is no need to get my phone wet. The overall sound quality of the speaker is pretty great too and the battery seems to last forever. I’ve only had to recharge it once in 2 weeks!


A few of my favorite Podcasts that I have loved catching up on during baths and showers thanks to my Aquatunes speaker are: Girlboss Radio, Invisibilia, The Lively Show, and Young House Love. What are some of your favorite Podcasts and “me time” routines? Comment below!

Thanks to GROHE for partnering with me on this post! And if you’re interested in getting an Aquatunes speaker for yourself, you can buy right here.

Brett Foken