Customizing Our Ikea Vanity


Hi Friends! I am still waiting a few more weeks to do the full reveal of our guest bathroom. To make a long story short, I found a cool vanity light to hang over the mirror but we are waiting until after our final inspection to install it since it’s not quite up to code – nothing dangerous, just won’t be on a dimmer, blah, blah, boring. So, I’m holding off on the serious photos until after that light is installed because I am a perfectionist and really want you to see the finished picture.

But in the meantime, I wanted to give you a sneak peak and talk about our floating vanity. I partnered with Semihandmade, a company that makes custom wood cabinet fronts for Ikea cabinets and a number of other pieces, to help turn my white Ikea Godmorgan vanity into a piece that feels more custom and special. For our guest bathroom, I really wanted a vanity with some storage for extra towels and soap but didn’t want anything that felt too bulky. I love pedestal sinks but only would consider if there was a secondary storage solution somewhere else in the bathroom, and in our case, there wasn’t room for that. Then there’s everyone’s favorite topic…budget. Our budget was pretty dang tight for this bathroom considering we remodeled everything else in the home and allocated more money to spaces that we use most like the kitchen and master suite.

I knew I wanted something that looked a little more modern for the guest bathroom but didn’t want to pay the price for a fancy floating vanity so turned to my budget-friendly friend Ikea and found the exact style and size vanity I was looking for (The Godmorgan). The one downside with the Godmorgan (aside from actually having to assemble it) is that cabinet fronts aren’t the best quality and can appear to be rather cheap so I was pretty determined to find a way to switch these out. I turned to my friends at Semihandmade and they helped me pick some custom wood drawer fronts to replace those that came with the vanity. After looking through all of the beautiful material options that Semihandmade offers, I ended up deciding on the Flatsawn Walnut wood and was delighted with the overall quality and ease of installation. The best part is that the entire vanity cost less than $500 (including the faucet)! Here’s a few more shots of the outcome and a product breakdown below with links to shop.

Product Links:

Godmorgan Cabinet + Sink

Semihandmade Sink Cabinet Door Covers (mine are flatsawn walnut)

Lundskar Faucet

Thanks to Semihandmade for partnering with me to create yet another awesome piece of customized Ikea furniture. Check them out if you haven’t already!

Brett Foken