5 Home Decor Trends that I am Loving

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Sure trends can come and go but that doesn’t mean we can’t still drool over them momentarily. I think the keyword we need to remember when it comes to trendy elements is BALANCE. What I mean by that is combining a healthy mix of current design elements with more timeless, traditional features. Of course it’s way easier said than done, but the gist of what I am trying to say is to consider combining colors, materials, etc. that seem to always bring you joy, and that you never get sick of, with a select few newer trends that you find yourself obsessing over. So let’s cut to the chase and talk about 5 trends that are just SLAYIN it right now.


A common thought when we hear of using black in the home is that it will make things feel small, dark and scary. This can be true in situations that lack natural light or when a lighter color, like white, isn’t present to balance things out. However, black is never not in style and it’s sure having a moment right now, especially when it comes to kitchen cabinets. What I love about the color black is that it can be both timeless and modern at the same time while also adding some contrast which is reason why I think it works really well in the kitchen – especially when balanced out with some white and wood.  Here are a few of my favorite kitchens containing black cabinets that are anything but scary and all things inspiring.


Sources: OneTwoThreeFourFive


Geometric shapes are taking over and I love it – especially when it comes to tile design. You’ve probably seen me posting a lot of geometric beauties lately on my Instagram – the hexagon will always have my heart. In the world of design, these geometric treasures have been giving things a little edge lately, which I can’t seem to get enough of. I am loving the contemporary look to kitchens and bathrooms that geometric tile seems to add. Not to mention, the endless options give you the ability to experiment with different sizes, colors and scale to create something as bold or as subtle as you want. Some of my go-to tile sources for geo tile are: Cement Tile Shop, Cle Tile, Fireclay Tile, Tile Bar, and Mission Stone + Tile. Here’s some of my favorite geo tile looks to inspire.


Sources: OneTwoThreeFourFive


The bathroom mirror deserves far more attention than it gets as far as little detail with big impact. I mean, you do look at it every day so why not choose something that you love? Sure, mirrors serve a functional purpose when it comes to transforming into a socially acceptable human every day (lord knows I did not wake up like this) but they also are a relatively easy way to add some personality and style into a space – even if it’s a bland bathroom. Choosing a statement mirror can be a fun, high-impact, low effort way to upgrade your bathroom. Here’s some of my favorite statement bathroom mirror inspiration that I find myself reverting back to again and again.


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Bu-bye brass faucet, hello matte black. Ok, I still love myself brass anything, but have had an eye on matte black lately as it seems to be center stage right now when it comes to faucets and fixtures. I also might just be speaking for myself, but for those of you who live with a dude, convincing them to be onboard with brass anything can be a bit of a challenge so matte black has seemed to be a very happy, chic middle ground. Plus, who doesn’t love how modern and striking a black showerhead is against white tile? I think black fixtures might just be the next big thing – here’s some of my favorite inspiration.


Sources: OneTwoThreeFourFive


What better way to add a touch of glam to a space than with gold? But what I’ve been seeing a lot of lately is taking the gold accent to a whole new level – yep, I’m talking gold in between the cracks…literally. This trend is just brilliant in my opinion. It can take a simple tile and gives it a touch of glamour. I’ve seen gold grout done in a few ways, whether it’s using actual gold leaf, gold insets or metallic gold grout (yes they make it) – all of which elevate your standard tile to another level. Here’s a few of my favorite tile + gold grout combos.


Sources: OneTwoThreeFour

What do you think about these trends? Do you think they will stick?

Brett Foken