20 Top Interior Design + Lifestyle Books

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What once was a magazine addiction has now been replaced by a design book obsession. Some might call it hoarding but I like to call it a collection. Design books are like a triple threat – they are inspiring, educational, and great styling pieces. Did I mention they also make great gifts *hint, hint*? I treat myself to a new one (or two) almost every month and am always happy to support the designers, publishers, photographers and all other creative wonders that contribute to producing the work of art that sits on my coffee table. Some of these books I have already, and they might as well each be their own bible, and some are sitting on my Amazon wish list patiently awaiting their turn to be added to the cart. Flipping through my growing book collection is one of my favorite ways to wind down at the end of the day and also the first place I go when I’m in need of a creative boost. I spend quite a bit of time on Pinterest when sourcing inspiration for projects, or just wasting time, but there’s something about flipping through the physical pages of a book that feels so much more personal and digestible to me sometimes. Anyone else agree?

I’ve rounded up below 20 interior design and lifestyle books that have been on my mind lately – either because I’ve been reading them over and over again, am anxiously awaiting them in the mail, or they are next in line to purchase from my Amazon wish list

*Books that I have and can highly recommend

1.Simply Scandinavian | 2. Commune* | 3. The New Nomads | 4. Allegra Hicks – An Eye for Design | 5. Rock the Shack | 6. Simplicity* | 7. See San Francisco | 8. Hide and Seek | 9. Design Sponge at Home | 10. Casa Bohemia | 11. Cabin Porn | 12. The Kinfolk Home* | 13. The New Bohemians* |14. Sage Living* | 15. Gypset Living | 16. The Outsiders | 17. Styled* | 18. Remodelista* | 19. Habitat | 20. Beaches


Brett Foken