New House Update: Master Bathroom

Inspiration + The Plan

I think I jinxed myself in my last post about our house remodel by saying that things were going along smoothly. Why is it that when things seem too good to be true they usually are? Fun fact about projects in Oakland, is that any job value that is over $50k needs to get a Green Waste Recycling Program certificate to show that we are disposing of waste correctly. While I am all for disposing of waste correctly, we have been waiting 20 days for this certification and have been fourth in line for the last week in hopes that our project will reach human eyeballs. You’re probably thinking “so what’s the big deal?” Well, unfortunately we are unable to do any other inspections needed until we get this darn green waste certificate and it’s looking to be more complicated than we thought. This means we can’t get started on the roof, or get signed off on rough electrical and plumbing until they remove our hold. So, we are at one big standstill right now. Why this has never been a problem for our other Oakland projects so far? Well, that’s a great question because they were definitely over the $50k threshold and for some reason didn’t get flagged in the system. Such is life.

With a project standstill comes more time for me to pull together all of my ideas for each space in our home and start sourcing all of the materials since some have longer lead times than others. Today, I am sharing an update on our master bathroom – which I think might be my favorite space that I’ve designed so far for the home. We definitely want our master bathroom to feel like more of a “master bathroom” so we are ok with splurging on some things that make us really happy, and add a touch of luxury to everyday life – like pretty tile, unique light fixtures, dope hardware and modern fixtures/faucets. For the overall feel, I want the space to be clean and calming but also incorporate some unique, modern elements that we both love looking at/using everyday. Here’s some of the inspiration for the space:


Also, to give you an idea of the layout, this is what we decided would work best for the space (after much debate). That wall that the double vanity is on is around 75″ and the vanity that I picked out has a 75″ countertop which should fit in there but the cabinet portion is a few inches smaller so we are working with our contractor to devise a plan to fill in those gaps with some drywall or something so that the entire vanity looks built in to that wall. And did I mention how excited I am to have a DOUBLE VANITY?! It’s almost as exciting as having an outlet in our bathroom – because, NO, our SF apartment did not have an outlet in the bathroom and I had run an extension cord from the living room to do my hair in the morning. First world problems, I know, I know.


Ultimately, the following is where I landed with the mood board for the space and it’s still a work in progress. That patterned hexagon floor tile from Cement Tile Shop though…that’s where this all started and the rest unfolded from there – it was love at first sight. I decided to add in some wood and brass elements (wood rimmed mirror, brass sconces and wood/brass cabinet hardware) to balance out the gray and black and add some warmth to the space. I still can’t seem to make up my mind about the light fixtures and am also on the prowl for the perfect wood mirror(s) that is the correct scale but we still have some time…especially with all of this permit crap going on. No matter what, these projects ALWAYS take longer than planned, ALWAYS. Send positive vibes to the Oakland permit office for us!


What do you think? I included the sources below for everythaanngg.

Material Sources:

Tile: Floor Tile | Shower Floor Tile | Backsplash + Shower Wall Tile (Option 1Option 2)

Vanity: cabinet + countertop combo from local cabinet distributor (Graphite Colored Cabinets + Carrera Marble Countertop)

Lighting: Brass Sconce (Option 1Option 2)

Faucets + Shower Fixtures: Faucet (Option 1Option 2) | Shower System

Hardware: Cabinet Hardware (Option 1Option 2Option 3) | Towel Ring | TP Holder

Mirror: Round Mirror  or Rectangle Mirror

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