Brandon and I are heading to Austin, TX next month for a wedding and are planning to spend a few extra days there since it’s my first time and it seems like too awesome of a city not to. I came across Hotel Saint Cecilia a while back and have a major crush on it’s elegant, rock and roll interiors, and infamous “Soul” pool. I love the Old World European feel mixed with a little rock and roll that’s conveyed through the rich colors, textures, and eclectic mix of vintage pieces that are used.

After doing a little more research, I found that the hotel was designed by the owner, Liz Lambert, who bought the property in it’s Victorian glory days and based the name and design concept around Saint Cecilia who is the patron saint of music and poetry. There are a total of five rooms in the old Victorian to stay in, each redone a little differently with unique furniture pieces, antique light fixtures, unique wallpaper and fabrics – all portraying a sense of elegant, rocker chic – if that’s even a style. There are also nine poolside bungalows and studios that have more of a modern boho feel with bright colors, modern lines, natural textures and lots of natural light.

Maybe it’s the primary use of blue, or warm velvet in every room, or the combination of both – either way this oasis in the middle of the city is calling my name. Also, similarly designed but with a more an urban bungalow feel is Saint Cecilia’s sister hotel, Hotel San Jose, which is another on my list.

But really, how amazing are these interiors?

hotel-saint-cecilia_photos (9).jpg

you have any recommendations of places to eat, drink, shop, see, etc. please comment below! We have about four full days to do Austin right and don’t worry, Franklin’s BBQ is at the top of the list – I can’t wait!



Brett Foken