[New Video] The Fixer Upper Report: Richie House Updates


The final weeks of the Richie house transformation are among us and everything is coming together quite nicely. I always say that and then something happens like the ceiling being slightly uneven in the kitchen and then the cabinets don’t fit – the white shaker style cabinets that caused us to drive around the entire east bay to find one’s with pre-fab, 40″ uppers and not 36″. Or we go to order the granite and they don’t have a slab big enough for the peninsula. Or the light fixture I wanted to hang in the dining room is backordered for 2 months and won’t arrive before the house goes on the market. Rookie mistakes, I know, and there’s probably at least 50 more. But hey, with each mistake we learn something new which we can then share with you so you don’t make the same ones.

Brandon and I are both very proactive, type A people (him more so than me) but a home remodel requires more decisions then one would think and sometimes things just fall through the cracks. Such is life. I read somewhere the other day that the average kitchen remodel alone requires about 2,500 decisions…2,500! I don’t know about you but my palms just got sweaty typing that out. Now imagine how much to think about when remodeling an entire house! It’s a lot, which is why Brandon and I are going to bring to you more joint posts here on Decorotation of things we learn along the way and the processes we use when it comes to making home rehabs move along as quickly and efficiently as possible. You’ve seen all of the before and afters so far but very little of the in-between so it’s our goal to bring you more of that. Stay tuned for more posts dedicated specifically to what we learn along the way and if you have any questions you would like us to address in these future posts please comment below or email them to brett@decorotation.com.

You saw Richie in it’s beginning state (post here in case you missed it) and so we wanted to share the progress since then. I feel like progress photos don’t really make sense most of the time and can be kind of boring if you don’t have something to compare them to so instead of posting a bunch of photos of drywall, Brandon did a nice little video walkthrough to give you guys a better look inside. This video was taken a few weeks ago so we are actually even farther along now thanks to the Rojas Construction team for hauling…and for their wonderful singing voices.

For more live updates of the Richie house from now until it’s finished, follow along on my Snapchat – @Decorotation!

And to give you a little sneak peak of how the kitchen and bathrooms will look, here’s the designs I mocked up for both. I talked about the overall look and feel in my first post as being kind of “modern, farmhouse” with some traditional elements.  These are the final looks we ended up going with and the materials and colors we will be using. I can’t wait to show you the final product in a few weeks!



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