\\ Photo via  My Domaine  //

\\ Photo via My Domaine //

Amazon lovers rejoice. I’ve done some serious trolling and have found THE.BEST.STUFF. for insanely reasonable prices. I’ve been a loyal Amazon prime member for about 5 years now and have been very impressed with the selection lately of unique home goods and furniture. Um, and clothing, shoes, purses, outdoor gear, craft supplies and beauty products too…that’s another post in itself. Amazon has really made it too easy for me to never leave my house.

The above bedroom designed by Amber Lewis, featured on My Domaine, is one of my favorites as of late with its Californian, boho feel and touch of modern. I’ve been wanting to incorporate some elements from this room into a few new projects and started with a simple “indigo textiles” search on Amazon and the rest unfolded from there. I found so much good stuff I decided to dedicate an entire post to it. So here we are, seventeen of of favorite Amazon finds to create a modern bohemian feel for your own home. There’s even more on my Pinterest so be sure to follow along there!

Brett Foken