Ever since my trip to the Mexican Riviera earlier this year when Brandon and I stayed in the beautiful room above at Hotel La Semilla in Playa del Carmen, I can’t seem to get those white wood floors out of my head. The rustic, chic, open, airy vibe of this room was something that I will never forget and have been trying to recreate in my own home and my designs by incorporating more natural elements and textured neutrals. I truly feel that neutrals never go out of style and they are far from boring, which can be a common belief.

You don’t see white wood floors everyday and it’s not something that most think to do, or think that they can do. A white wood floor creates the perfect clean, bright backdrop to build a room and makes anything that you layer on top pop, no matter what the style. I’ve seen a combination of painted white wood floors and white wood laminate products being done a lot and today I’m featuring a laminate option from FlooringInc in order to create the look for less. I’ve rounded up some of my favorite white wood floor looks below and put together a modern, rustic design board featuring FlooringInc’s Rustic Modern Laminate in Oregon White so you can get the look yourself.


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I love the shabby chic, farmhouse feel that white wood floors bring to a space, especially when combined with modern pieces. I’ve put together a design board that is meant to achieve that same feel with some industrial and modern elements. To see the full design board and a list of all pieces included, check out my full post over on the Flooring Inc. blog.



Brett Foken