Happy September and almost fall folks! Now that our wedding is over, I am left with a lot more brain capacity, an apartment overflowing with really cool gifts, and one really amazing husband. I realized in the whole wedding planning process just how much I love hosting gatherings whether it’s crafting place cards with some of my closest girlfriends, casual wine and cheese nights, or cooking a wonderful meal together – our wedding was just the cherry on top. Entertaining doesn’t need to be an elaborate thing, and neither do weddings, it’s about those simple things in life that make you happy and to me those would be good food, good music, good people. It is that simple.

My number one goal with our home is to make it warm and welcoming, equipped with everything we need for casual gatherings on the fly, which is more my style. It’s been a while since I’ve rounded up some of my favorite home goods so here we are – 10 of my favorites as of lately that have been solid staples for small gatherings. Except for maybe that alarm clock and fan – those two are just some new additions that I can’t remember what life was like without and felt the need to share with someone.

Marble & Wood Cheese Set – We always have at least 7 different cheeses on-hand at all times and this all-in-one cheese set is great for slapping some cheeses, meats, etc. on when your best friend decides to stop by to talk about birds or whatever. Just be sure to do some research on how to treat marble before using because it absorbs oil very easily and quickly and can be tough to get out.

Alarm Clock – I love the simplicity and sleekness of this alarm clock and the subtle modern element it brings to any space.

Turquoise Fan – A vintage fan had been on my list of musts for a while, however we actually really needed a fully functional, working fan for our room because it gets to be a million degrees at night in there with the poor air flow in our apartment. Vintage and functional sometimes don’t see eye-to-eye but this Vornado fan has a vintage look and is the quietest fan I have ever come across. It is really remarkable and, not to mention, beautiful.

Jardin des Plantes Vase – This blue and gold vase was a bridal shower gift and it has found a permanent place on display in our apartment. It’s definitely an accent piece and something that has a lot of versatility as the seasons change.

Amber & Moss Candle – PF Candle Co. candles have been a favorite of mine for a few years now. I discovered them at a craft fair in SF a few years ago and am happy to see how much they’ve blown up since then. They have the most unique scents and they smell exactly as each name suggests. Amber and Moss has been my favorite lately to have in our living room and I also love their Grapefruit one which I keep in the bathroom.

Indigo Ikat Pillow – Indigo is one of my favorite fabrics and if you saw my sofa pillow makeover post then you are probably familiar with my collection of indigo pillows. I found this one on Etsy for a great price and the quality is superb.

Sharing Dishes – These are simple and perfect for small snacks like nuts, olives, etc. The white bowls also come out of the wood base so they are easy to pass around and clean afterwards.

Metal Bendy Straws – I use these guys all the time. Sometimes drinks just taste better out of straws, right?

Mexico Cookbook – If you like Mexican food go no further. This book has every single Mexican dish you could ever think of broken down by regions. It is epic and I love the pop of color it brings to the kitchen.

Rampli Black Wolfum Tray – Trays are wonderful pieces to keep on coffee tables or surfaces that you use to place drinks, food, etc. This tray from Heath Ceramics is a major decor piece in our living room but we also use it everyday to place drinks and candles on.

Do you have those little things around your house that just make you happy? Please share!



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